Welcome to the 2021 AFCOST Symposium. This is our 8th Symposium! Below you will find the schedule and registration.

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Khari Milner

Cambridge Agenda for Children OST
Cambridge, MA

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Khari Milner

Khari Milner joined the Agenda for Children OST team in 2004.  Khari Milner has designed and implemented cross-system collaboratives aimed at supporting the in- and out-of-school time learning communities and the diverse needs of Cambridge students. He oversees learning partnerships for the Cambridge Public Schools and led the development of the Cambridge Expanded Learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics (EL STEAM) and Middle School Networks. He is also a founding member of the Young People's Project. He is a native of Cambridge and has worked with young people, educators, policy-makers and leaders for twenty-plus years throughout the United States, Costa Rica and Tanzania, in diverse roles including youth worker, youth employment program director, math instructor, curriculum developer, facilitator, non-profit organization trustee and strategic planner.