Welcome to the 2021 AFCOST Symposium. This is our 8th Symposium! Below you will find the schedule and registration.

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ashley herring has had quite the life of performing and teaching and teaching performance. ashley has been celebrating her 20th year of teaching since the year started, and feels she's JUST getting to be at the top of her creating game with young people, family, and communities. ashley believes in young Black people, and hopes to live into the collective dreams, alongside community, of making schools the most joyful and loving place Black, Brown, and Indigenous youth can wonder, play, and learn. ashley has been through some very painful+joyful radical transformation as a Black person+educator and has been supporting other educators and community members in the same process of reclaiming themselves from white supremacy. What work, what JOY! (Cardi B tongue! EEEOOOOWWWWW!)

"Art isn't made for coffee tables, it's made to sustain a people." Kerry James Marshall

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blackstory: we have everything we need to win!  right in our own b(l)ack yards, Black people have ALWAYS been fighting for their lives and liberation and never EVER giving up.   *I would like to acknowledge the Indigenous community in this region, and this entire country, for their continuous and on-going fight to be fully remembered and currently acknowledged for their past and continuous contributions